Who Are Adam And Eve?

Update: 24th March As promised my contact has removed not just 3 but 5 options from the poll. The top 2 most popular choices that you selected were wrong, and also it’s not Tom and Jerry :). We have also removed the “Will not be revealed” option. So with those options removed, who do you […]

Episode 6.10 – The Package – Promotional Photos

Thanks to Barry for the heads up and to http://dh-central.net/ for the larger versions.

Nestor Carbonell On The Finale

No real actual spoilers but some general impressions. That tamat scene with Richard and Isabella is one of the most devastatingly beautiful moments Menang Ceme we’ve ever seen on Lost. Is there any chance they could somehow end up together?Without giving too much away, I can tell you that as soon as I read that […]

Episode 6.17/6.18 – Title Revealed

Here it is. Thanks to Brett for the heads up. The End Source: Podcast @ EW What do you think? Personally I think it’s perfect!

Ew Podcast Summary

Thanks very much to Peewee for the summary from the EW Podcast with Damon. – Possibility of more “storms” will be happening. Storm is a metaphor– ‘The Package’ is related to Sun/Jin sideways– Carlton said Kate’s horse wasn’t MIB after Damon joked about it.– They confirmed there were other people before Richard, hence the Statue– […]

Episode 6X17/18 – New Set Pics – Mar. 25Th

Earlier today we were alerted that some LOST filming was taking place in Waikiki and were able to confirm via our good friend Ryan that indeed some filming was taking place. No word on who was on set, but Ryan sent over these pictures that reveal a familiar location and we can guess who was […]

Episode 6.15 – Across The Sea – Set Photo

Thanks again to Paul And The Spice Girls for the photo of young Jacob.

Latest From Ryan – Podcast March 28Th

Update: 18:45 Thanks to http://jateitalia.blogspot.com for a couple of photos from some of the filming that was mentioned in the podcast. Thanks again to Ryan for his new podcast. The spoiler part starts at 1:28:54. Note: This may contain finale spoilers! Direct Download Thanks to Drieakko for this transcript/summary and thanks to everyone else for […]